Radio Gonbo Kreyol, the first Haitian radio station in Louisiana. Radio Gonbo Kreyol was founded by Lixon Vilsaint and Jolly Barthelemy who have personally funded and ran the radio station for three years. Heavily supported by Yolande Jolly and later joined by Vladmir Datus, Mirtil Felisnor and Reynald Laguerre, who introduced Charles Manel a man with an unbelievable persistence followed by Smith Charles,  Paul Reynold, and Sanon Ersilhomme…

The radio station serves the New Orleans’ Haitian community of 10,000 with vital information regarding health, education, employment, as well as cultural community events. Radio Gonbo Kreyol is an asset to the Haitian community because it serves not only as a media outlet for Haitians living in Louisiana but also as an educational tool for residents learning Creole and English. The station airs English lessons for Kreyol speakers every morning, assisting recent immigrants in developing the skills necessary to succeed in this country.

Radio Gonbo Kreyol also directly serves their community by facilitating their access to the vital information they share. The station started as a subcarrier frequency, which means that a particular radio receiver was necessary to pick up the station now we operate online with a show on WHIVFM 102.3 FM in New Orleans, a station with a mission, the only station in New Orleans with a live creole show to support the Haitian community. We are on TuneIn radio and Audio Now as well.

To listen call now: 712.432.7883

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